Copying Fee

Any person desirous of obtaining any permissible document from the Cantonment Board can obtain the same by depositing the copying fee at the rates mentioned below (Authority : SRO No.4/R/91 dated: 8-2-1991):-
1. Birth & death certificate Rs. 30.00 /per copy
2.. GLR extract Rs. 30.00 per copy
3. Assessment certificate Rs. 30.00 per copy
4. Any other document covered under the Right to Information Act 2005. Rs.   4.00 per page.
5. For Inspection of any document or record other than a Minute Book or Assessment List Rs. 10.00 per hour or part thereof.
6. For a certified copy of one entry from the assessment list. Rs. 20.00 per copy
7. For search of index, file register for the purpose of finding or tracing any documents. Rs. 10.00 per copy
8. For copying or making extracts from any documents or office records:  
(a.) For the first 200 words or part thereof Rs. 20.00
(b.) For every additional 100 words or part thereof Rs. 5.00
(c.) If the original is in the tabular form Twice the rate charged for (a)&(b)
9. For certified copy of Map or plan or any portion of map or plan Such fees not exceeding Rs. 50/- and not less than Rs. 30/- as the CEO may determine.
10. For the supply of an extract from a property or building register of sites and transfers Rs. 20.00
11. For the supply of a duplicate copy copy of license Rs. 10.00
12. For attesting a copy of a document Rs. 10.00
13. For supply of nerrick rates Rs. 10.00
14. For prepairing two site plans, required for affixing to temporary licenses issued under Cantonment land Administration Rules, 1937. Rs. 30.00
Terms and Conditions:
1. When an application is made for urgent copies, payment of fees twice the rates indicated against each item shall be made if the copies are supplied within three days from the receipt of the applications.
2. No permission for inspection or for copy or extract will be granted unless payment is received in advance. Provided that the district sailors, soldiers and air men board shall not be charged fees for obtaining extracts from Cantonment Birth and Death Register maintained by the Cantonment Board when such entries are required for official purpose.Provided further than certified copy of any such documents or record or any extract there from shall be issued to any person except on such paper as is repaid with the amount of duly chargeable under article 24 of Schedule 1 to the stamp Act 1987 (Jammu & Kashmir Act No. XI of 1877)