The hospital fee to be charged for various services are as under -

 Particular Charges
 Stay Charges  Rs. 22/- per day
 OPD Ticket Charges  Rs. 10/-
 Pregnancy Test  Rs. 50/- each
 Dilation and Evacuation  Rs. 100/- each
 Delivery and Curettage  Rs. 100/- each
 Electric Cautery  Rs. 100/- each
 Electro Cardio Graph (E. C. G.)  Rs. 50/- each
 Hemoglobin Estimation  Rs. 18/- per test
 ESR  Rs. 14/- per test
 Blood grouping  Rs. 23/- per test
 Sugar  Rs. 40/- per test
 Routine Urine Examination  Rs. 18/- per test
 Bleeding Time  Rs. 15/- each
 Clotting Time  Rs. 14/- per test
 Rs. 70/- each
 Stool Examination for Occult Blood  Rs. 26/- per test

 Rs. 156/- per test


 Rs. 52/- per test

 WIDAL  Rs. 26/- per test
 CRP  Rs. 160/- per test
 RA factor  Rs. 80/- per test
 S.Electrolyte  Rs. 26/- per test
 Dental Procedures  Rs. 55/- per test

 The same will be increased at the rate of 10% every year as per CBR No. 18 Dated 30.04.2009.