Cantonment Board Jammu levies a house tax @ 13% in Residential & 17% in Commercial buildings of Annual Letting Value situated within the limits of Jammu Cantonment as resolved by Cantt Board Jammu vide CBR No. 03 dated 14.05.2015. This is the assessment year for Jammu Cantt Board. The assessment form can be downloaded from the following link and the same can be filled up and submitted by the owner of the house.
Tax on profession , Trades & Callings
Cantonment Board Jammu levies a tax on professions, trades and callings @ from Rs. 20/- to Rs. 66/- per annum as notified vide CBR No. 03 dated 01.01.2016.
Non Tax Revenue
Cantonment Board Jammu collects the following Non-Tax Revenue vide powers instated vide CBR No. 18 dated: 30-04-2009:
S. No. Item Rates
1. Cost of Trade License Form Rs. 107.00
2. License U/s 210 of Cantonment Act 1924 Rs. 215.00